Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties of Aqueous Extracts from Pleurotus Eryngii Bio-Residues

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Edible mushrooms are considered "next-generation food", and their' global consumption is increasing. Consequently, many bio-residues are generated in the mushroom production and harvesting processes, with high environmental impact and management costs for the industry. The present work evaluated the potential of aqueous extracts from Pleurotus eryngii bio-residues (PER) to have antioxidant and antimicrobial activities and be a good source of phenolic compounds and β-glucans under a circular bioeconomy approach.
The aqueous extracts were obtained using two different methods. In method 1, a hot extraction was performed (500 g, 90 °C, 1 h, 500 rpm; extract 1A). In method 2, a room temperature extraction was performed (500 g; extract 2A), and the resulting residue was extracted with hot water (90 °C, 1 h, 500 rpm; extract 2B). All extracts were freeze-dried. The bioactivity of the extracts was assessed, measuring the antioxidant power (ABTS, DPPH and ORAC assays) and antimicrobial properties, especially against foodborne pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, the content of total phenolic compounds (TPC) and β-glucans was determined using the Folin Ciocalteu and Beta-Glucan Assay methods.
The results obtained showed that the extracts could be considered a potential source of natural antioxidants, and extract 2B had the highest values of ABTS and ORAC (13.4±0.8 and 45.3±3.4 mg TE/g dry extract, respectively). All extracts showed lower activity in the DPPH assay. Concerning the antimicrobial activity, extract 1A stood out as a bacterial growth inhibitor. The extract 2A presented the highest content of TPC (10.7±0.5 mg GAE/g dry extract), and extract 1A had the higher content of β-glucan (19.3±0.5 g/100 g dry weight).
Thus, bioactive compounds can be extracted from the PER. These compounds can be further used to develop products in diverse sectors, such as health or food- related, including coatings and/or bioactive ingredients that increase the food shelf life of mushrooms or other food products.
Period18 May 2022
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