Avaliação tridimensional dos resultados clínicos do uso de enxerto de tecido conjuntivo nas técnicas vista e tunelização modificada para recobrimento radicular

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Introduction: The treatment of single, maxillary and mandibular, gingival recessions (GR), can be done using several techniques of periodontal plastic surgery (PPS), among them VISTA technique and the modified tunnel technique by Zuhr. The addition of a connective tissue graft (CTG) with different techniques of PPS allows root coverage and gingival thickening and provides long-term stability to the gingival margin. Aim: To prospectively evaluate: mean gingival thickening and the root coverage, at 3 and 6 months of postoperative; the immediate postoperative period experienced by operated patients; as well the aesthetic result obtained after 6 months of healing. Materials and Methods: This study is a prospective cohort study, over a period of 6 months. Three evaluation times were made - surgery day (T0), 3 months (T1) and 6 months after surgery (T2) Sample: 5 patients with 6 Miller, single, maxillary and mandibular, GR. Three Miller Class I GR were treated with a CTG associated with the modified tunnel technique by Zuhr, O. et al. (2007), while the three Miller Class III GR were treated with a CTG associated with the VISTA technique described by Zadeh, H. (2011). Digital evaluation protocol: Patient’s casts were recorded at T0, T1 and T2. The casts were digitalized by an intra-oral scanner (DentalWings®), obtaining an STL file for each situation. In the computer program, Geomagic Control X®, the three-dimensional digital analysis of the intervened areas was recorded. Results: VISTA + CTG and modified tunnel + CTG technique, at 6 months of post-operative, allowed, respectively: a mean gain of gingival thickness of 1,35 mm and 0,81 mm; as well a % of root coverage of 81,28 % and 66,58 %. Conclusion: Within the limitations of this research, this two techniques of PPS allow to obtain: a considerable gingival thickening; as well a root coverage of gingival recessions with clinical success and with a good aesthetic result.
Period26 Jul 2018
Held atUniversidade Católica Portuguesa
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  • Gingival recession
  • Periodontal plastic surgery
  • Subepithelial connective tissue graft
  • Root coverage
  • Gingival thickness