Bem-estar psicológico e suporte social em cidadãos estrangeiros em centro de detenção

  • Matos, R. (Supervisor)
  • Gabriela Kiefe Soares de Oliveira (Student)

Activity: Supervision


Migration flows have intensified in recent decades and, as a result, border control, particularly in Europe, has been strengthened. In Portugal, when citizens are signalled by the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF – Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) as being undocumented or without due permission to remain in the country they are placed in detention centers. As a result several studies show that detainees often present post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and other symptoms. The present study aims to characterize the detained migrant population as well as their experiences of detention, more specifically the perceived social support and psychological well-being of citizens in such detention centers. Data collection involved 44 detained individuals and its quantitative analysis made possible to conclude that institutional perceived social support correlates positively with the well-being of detained population; that is, the greater the support that migrants feel they receive from professionals while in detention, the greater their psychological well-being.
Period23 Jul 2018
Degree of RecognitionMaster