Educação para a saúde da criança e família

  • Ana Teresa Cascais Inácio (Student)
  • Margarida Lourenço (Supervisor)

Activity: Supervision


The exercise of parenthood implies the existence of transitions that are conditioned by the preparation and knowledge of the child and family. The health education has a pivotal role in influencing and determining how the person is prepared and the knowledge that has to face a given situation. Founded on a partnership model and to build capacity, the health education of the child and family is crucial to the operation of specialist children’s nurse. This report follows the implementation of the internship project and portrays the path experienced in different contexts of child and family care to develop knowledge, capabilities and skills regarding the role and intervention of specialist children’s nurse within the health education of the child and family. I left a background towards a description and critical reflection of course lived, extolling the skills acquired and developed as specialist children’s nurse. Focusing on the health planning, I highlight the systematic search for opportunities to promote adoption of behaviors that enhance child and family health. I highlight the preparation of the guide to home visits to newborn and family within the primary health care, in Unit of Personalized Healthcare Santo Condestável (Module I). In the context of pediatric hospitalization, in Pediatric Cardiology Department at the Hospital of Santa Marta (Module II), I enhance the definition of educational strategies that promote healthy eating habits. In Pediatric Emergency at the Hospital Cuf Descobertas (Module III), stimulating the ambience in the aerosol room culminated in the management of the environment of the child and family, contributing to the promotion and protection of their health. Alongside with the professional experience and postgraduate training, educational and reflective components were crucial in developing of scientific, technical, relational, cultural and ethical skills in advanced nursing care to the child, family and community.
PeriodMay 2011
Held atUniversidade Católica Portuguesa
Degree of RecognitionMaster


  • Child
  • Health education
  • Specialist children's nurse
  • Parenting
  • Transitions