Ensino diferenciado numa sala de aula de iniciação musical

  • Ana Maria Carvalho Sousa (Student)
  • Orvalho, L. (Supervisor)

Activity: Supervision


This project, whose theme is “Differentiated teaching in the classroom of Musical Initiation”, focuses on a case study. he study was conducted for about five months, between January and May 2017. The classroom was the “scenario” for our study that involved a second grade class in the Musical Initiation course of the first cycle. A total of 25 students, aged between 9 and 10 years old, answered a questionnaire survey, whose answers were then analysed qualitatively, and a quantitative analysis was also carried out. The aim of this research was to answer three essential questions, with the purpose of consolidating a theoretical reflection on the thematic of the differentiated teaching, namely on the strategies that allow the teacher to improve their own performance among students and to contribute in a more effective way for the success in the students’ well-being and learning ability. At the end of the study, all the goals were reached, not only because the questions raised by the researcher were answered, confirming the importance of the differentiated teaching in the classes of Musical Initiation, but also because from this work resulted a personal and professional enrichment.
Period19 Jan 2019
Held atUniversidade Católica Portuguesa
Degree of RecognitionMaster


  • Pedagogical differentiation
  • Musical initiation
  • Teaching strategy
  • Inclusion