Era uma vez um filho: a transição para uma nova realidade

Activity: Supervision


This report aims to translate the path taken during the Internship course in Nursing Pediatrics and Child Health (Child Health and Emergency department, Inpatient e Neonatology), in the following objectives: Contribute to improving the quality of advanced nursing care in child health an pediatrics; Develop skills in advanced nursing care to children and families in transitional situation, to promote the parent role. The methodology used as a tool of this route, focused on scientific evidence, experience, reflection and constructive criticism about the practice and expert opinion, with the intention of taking a decision and having the knowledge that responds to needs identified. The investigated thematic along the path focuses on the transition to parenthood/ parenting role. It was established goals and developed activities, in order to promote advanced nursing care to children and families in transitional situations, in the promotion of the parent role. All the interventions were justified with the reference documents, including the skills of specialist nurses in child health and pediatrics. At the end of this report is introduced a conclusion that explores the implemented interventions with gains in health, that will meet the objectives proposed. It was developed different, specific and added skills, based on a deep understanding of human responses of the child and family, able to help and empower parents in the experience of transitions, to developed skills to perform its role.
PeriodFeb 2011
Held atUniversidade Católica Portuguesa
Degree of RecognitionMaster


  • Nurse specialist in child health and pediatrics
  • Transition
  • Parental role