Experiências e significados da institucionalização : perspetivas de jovens em acolhimento residencial

  • Matos, R. (Supervisor)
  • Afonso. Massa Mesquita (Student)

Activity: Supervision


This research, developed in the frame of the European project PROMISE, analyzed the perspectives and meanings attributed to the experience of institutionalization by young people who are carrying out a residential hosting measure. The data were obtained by applying a questionnaire to 10 young people. The data obtained reveal the importance of the relationships established in the institution, mainly with the adults of the technical team, in reducing the negative impact associated with the institutionalization of children and young people. Also, the way the institution is managed and the typology of intervention carried out are relevant factors in diminishing the impact of the maladjusted trajectories in which the participants were inserted and which led to the application of residential care measures. It has also been found that some narratives seem to normalize the institutionalization trajectories. On the one hand, normalizing this experience may help the adaptation to a foster care context, but on the other hand, it may also compromise the development of autonomy skills and so make more difficult for young people to leave the Foster Care Home.
Period20 Nov 2020
Degree of RecognitionMaster