Mapping and Analysing Emerging Tools for Artistic and Cultural Production During the COVID-19 Pandemic, with a Focus on Romania's and Portugal´s Independent Private Performing Arts Sector

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The research focuses on independent and private organizations and cultural workers from the theatre and performing arts field located in Romania and Portugal. Being situated at two extremes of the continent, East and South, we have decided to research the cultural sectors in these two countries to analyse how the local spirit and traits are transposed in the cultural products resulted during and after the global COVID-19 pandemic. Governments, private and public institutions and the European Commission have all launched emergency funds for the artistic sector whose entire existence was put in danger. How were these funds used by the performing arts sector and what were the resulted products? Were they accessible and built on the urgent needs of the sector? How was the public engaged during the pandemic and after it? Did artists and organizations in the two countries react differently to the restrictions? How did artistic creativity manifest in pandemic times? Which are the tools used and in which ways? From a financial perspective, were the acts produced sustainable? These are questions we are aiming to find answers to, by mapping and analysing the sectors, also creating a comparison between the Eastern and Western European cultural independent and private system.
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