O mercado de carbono no contexto da União Europeia : um caso português

  • Costa, L. (Supervisor)
  • João Cavaleiro (Student)

Activity: Supervision


The present study has the following research objectives: i) to identify the concepts of environmental economics behind the carbon market and explain this option as a possible strategy of environmental control; ii) to Understand how the carbon market is being established and regulated within the European Union, particularly in Portugal; and iii) to identify the carbon market perceptions of a major Portuguese operator, “EDP”. The methodologies used to achieve these objectives are: literature review on environmental markets and the carbon market, case study with exploratory interviews, combined with a
SWOT analysis of EDP. Results show the carbon market as a cost effective option,
complementary of other strategies, with considerable advantages over the introduction of taxes. Despite the efforts and the complex regulations of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS), the International Community is at an impasse and calls for a solution to the Kyoto Protocol. EDP was able to adapt to the carbon market. In the present it sees this market as an opportunity for business and to increase energy production efficiency.
Period14 Nov 2011
Degree of RecognitionMaster