O papel das escolas católicas na educação em Cabo Verde

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The study was based on a specific context and allowed us to reflect on the contribution of the role of the Catholic Schools in Education in Cape Verde and particularly the School of Love of God. Upon arriving at the end of this investigation, there remains the feeling that we are starting a new stage, in that it is an unfinished work and always requires reflection, so as to adequately respond to the new challenges that society itself impels us. As we know, in recent decades the education at the global level has been the target of attention both at the local level and at the level of the civil community, which once was exclusively the responsibility of the institutions dedicated to this mission. It is true that we are facing a very rapid evolution of society at all levels. Based on the information obtained and the results presented in this study, it was verified that education in Cape Verde during the colonial period was under the rule of the Portuguese system, to the extent that teaching in the country is bound by a group of Portuguese missionaries, belonging to Religious Orders, in order to be closer to the reality of the population, developing an integral education. After the colonial period, more specifically after the independence of the country, we find that education is a new dynamism and is considered to be the essential engine for the development of the archipelago, without omitting the limitations that often affected this sector. It is important to highlight that it is in this achievement, where educational reforms were introduced at the national level, that the intention arises to implement an education that meets the reality and needs of the country. Knowing the reality of the two periods in the history of teaching and education in Cape Verde, it is possible to verify that events marked decisively the history of education and the life of a people.
Period14 Jul 2017
Held atUniversidade Católica Portuguesa
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