Relação da doença periontal com a doença cardiovascular : revisão bibliográfica

  • Vanessa Alexandra Lopes de Almeida (Student)
  • Marques, T. (Supervisor)

Activity: Supervision


The association between periodontal diseases and cardiovascular diseases has been the target of many studies, due to the influence of inflammatory processes in atherosclerotic pathology. Nowadays the knowledge of periodontal disease has a risk factor to cardiovascular diseases is very important aiming to the elimination of that risk. This work is an analysis of some epidemiological studies that assessed the possible relation between these two diseases, aiming to verify if the periodontal disease may be considered a risk factor for development of cardiovascular diseases, understanding the mechanisms that link them and if the risk factor suppression might result in cardiovascular events decrease. Articles in English and Portuguese, between 2002 and 2013, where researched using the scientific database PubMed. Medicine and dental medicine textbooks were used as a complement to the theoretical review. The analysis suggests a possible moderated association between periodontal and cardiovascular diseases. Both pathologies have multidimensional etiology, common risk factors and the presence of inconsistent results in different studies is indicative of the impossibility to establish a causal relationship. For that to happen it is necessary to accomplish more well defined longitudinal studies, with precise periodontal classification as also the best control of confounding factors.
Period9 Oct 2013
Held atUniversidade Católica Portuguesa
Degree of RecognitionMaster


  • Periodontal diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Periodontitis
  • Atherosclerosis