Relatório da prática profissional e projeto de intervenção pedagógica : do Lúdico ao Técnico : workshops criativos e performativos como veículo potenciador de melhoria dos aspetos rítmicos e de pulsação no ensino da música

  • Joaquim Alexandre Coelho Teixeira Alves (Student)
  • Orvalho, L. (Supervisor)

Activity: Supervision


This thesis submitted to the degree of Masters in Music Teaching, at the School of Arts within the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the Portuguese Catholic University, is devised in two parts: Teaching Practice Report (Relatório da Prática Profissional) (Part I), which is based on the programme of studies at Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho in place during the academic year of 2011/2012; and Pedagogical Interven-tion Project (Projeto de Intervenção Pedagógica) (Part II), under the title “Do lúdico ao técnico: Workshops criativos e performativos como veículo potenciador de melhoria dos aspetos rítmicos e de pulsação no ensino da música”, developed during the acade-mic year of 2018/2019 at Academia de Música de Espinho. The Pedagogical Interven-tion Project aims to empower student’s musical practice, contribute to a better assimi-lation of student’s rhythm, pulse and coordination, as well as to introduce and enhance group work interest and awareness. The Pedagogical Intervention Project is based on a naturalistic investigation approach, supported theoretically and conceptually in the same line of authors such as Gane (2006), Tracana (2015), Gramani (2013), Gordon (2000), Dalcroze (2009) e Leak (2003). The methodology used is based on a case study and the techniques of informa-tion gathering and production are as following: i) direct and participative class obser-vation; ii) data recording (video) of music sessions and workshops; iii) surveys (enqui-ries) directed to music students (grades 1 to 5 from different musical instruments), and teachers at Academia de Música de Espinho. The data’s analysis and interpretation te-chniques can be devised into: a) statistics analysis of closed-ended questions directed at students and teachers; b) content analysis of observations made directly by the re-searcher, registered within field notes, in the video data and open answers to the survey. The results obtained showed that the proposed targets to the pedagogical intervention were achieved.
Period16 Dec 2019
Held atUniversidade Católica Portuguesa
Degree of RecognitionMaster


  • Performance based workshops
  • Creativity
  • Rhythm
  • Body-percussion
  • Group musical practice