Consumer and Sensory Science

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    The CBQF Sensory and Consumer studies platform focus on using sensory and consumer science, as they apply to food, to establish and explore the sensory properties of food products, to decode consumer’s product experience and to predict products performance in traditional and new markets.

    The platform focus on:
    -Establishing traditional and new food products sensory profile and chemical-sensory properties;
    -Evaluating consumer perception of traditional and new products, acceptance and purchase intentions;
    -Identifying sensory drivers of liking for consumers and supporting sensory claims;
    -Understanding how consumers traits, behavior and consumption habits influence product perception and consumer positioning in relation to a product and a brand;
    -Exploring consumers sensory experience and products’ choice and adoption as support for food products development process;
    -To explore the effect of repeated exposure to a products on new products acceptance and adoption;
    -To explore cross-cultural and cross-country effects on consumer’s perception and liking.


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