Elected Fellow of IAFoST

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The International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST) is an internationally recognised group of elected distinguished food scientists and technologists who collectively form a pool of scientific expertise in food science and technology from which IUFoST may draw non-aligned expert advice on scientific matters.

The purposes of the International Academy are:

To identify and recognize individuals distinguished globally by their scientific and professional contributions to food science and technology
To foster international cooperation and exchange of information,
To promote food science and technology and other sciences of importance for this area, and
To stimulate international education and training in food science and technology.

Elected Fellows of the Academy represent no organisation but serve as independent persons to work and promote high standards of ethics and scientific endeavours. IAFoST does more than simply afford recognition of its Fellows. It takes its own initiatives, with appropriate co-ordination and agreement of the IUFoST Board, to promote food science and technology, stimulate education and training, and improve international cooperation.
Granting Organisations International Union of Food Science and Technology

Awarded at event

Event title21st IUFoST World Congress of Food Science & Technology
LocationOnline, Singapore, SingaporeShow on map
Period31 Oct 2022 → 3 Nov 2022