Advancing the regenerative and translational potential of cellular fibers, #PTDC/BTM-ORG/3215/2020.

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CellFi aims at exploiting all-cellular fibers and respective production technology towards the application of these biological structures as easier-to-handle and robust regenerative adjuvants for ischemic tissue, while implementing safer and clinically compliant production methods. To accomplish these objectives the CellFi project focus on the following objectives: (i) fabrication of all-cellular hASCs fibers in xeno-free conditions, (ii) improvement of structural features of, including length and robustness, to enable cell fibers incorporation in printing and suturing strategies, (iii) improvement of the immunoregulatory and angiogenic potential of these fibers, as well as of their survival ability in ischemia-mimetic conditions, and (iv) validating the effectiveness of these living structures as therapeutic agents for ischemic scenarios.
Effective start/end date1/03/2129/02/24


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