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This project's primary aim is to design and interpret contract mechanisms between governments and the private sector to carry out green public policies. This effort's principal motivation is to strive against severe challenges of climate change, greenhouse gas emission and sustainable management of forests. Since these topics are directly related to the future and health of nature and humanity, it is crucial to evaluate them from various disciplines,
which is planned to be done within this project's scope.
We will evaluate possible public policies from the government to decline greenhouse gas emissions based on a market-based approach. It is planned to conduct comprehensive studies by adjusting energy efficiency, peak management, increasing the share of renewable energy resources within the energy supply, and applying electrification. Policies will be sketched as easy-to-understand scenarios, as well as using mathematical expressions. Since the green goals can be implemented through government cooperation with the private sector, based on a contract mechanism, one of the main focus points is the contract mechanisms.
Short titleDGCM
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/12/23


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