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Portugal is missing a consistent methodology to evaluate public policies and develop indicators that measure policy results, i.e. outcomes rather than outputs or spending. Effective public policies are an important determinant of inclusive and sustain able growth. But assessing results requires not only tracking if the program s are being correctly implemented, but also understanding what their
actual outcomes and social impact are For example, a training or educational program could deliver 100 graduates while failing to build new competencies and skills and failing to actually create employment for participants Millions can be spent in education but, in itself, that will not necessarily lead to more equitable and effective learning outcomes Financial support could be given
to firms without improving their success. Adequacy, coverage, effectiveness and impact are key aspects of successful public policies and modern methodologies allow for a good measurement of these aspects. They also increasingly allow to measure the savings that some of these outcomes may generate for the State in the future (through lower unemployment for example). Establishing methodologies and metrics for better implementation and assessment of public policies is key and this proposal's goal is to develop a framework for that in Portugal.
Effective start/end date5/10/2131/05/22


  • Public Policies
  • Indicators
  • Methodology
  • Policy monitoring
  • Public programs
  • Portugal


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