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Following the publication of the work A Condição de Ilhéu, it is intended to edit several books dedicated to each of the archipelagos containing the texts published in the mother work and new and unpublished articles. The archipelago works concentrate and expand the reflection on each island condition. In this context, several Cape Verdean personalities were contacted who were willing to write unpublished articles that formed the new work, O Ilhéu de Cabo Verde. It is a 399-page work that is part of the «Studies and Documents» collection edited by this Study Center.
Coordinators Corsino Tolentino, Crispina Gomes, Amália Vera-Cruz Lopes and Adriano Monteiro
Short titleO Ilhéu de Cabo Verde
Effective start/end date12/11/1831/12/19


  • Islander
  • Cabo Verde


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