plaGiarism or crEativity: teachiNg Innovation versUs Stealing

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GENIUS challenge aims at strengthening secondary students’ transversal skills through an attractive learning pathway according to provisions for employability and coping with the emerging issues due to digital fluency. It develops a dynamic learning pathway for teachers and students separated at a first stage, joint in a second one, the competition. It consists of:
1. Multilingual Online course based also on Open Educational Resources (OER) for teachers about Plagiarism, Fair use of Web, Copyrights, citing, source’s reliability, Digital fluency/lack of transversal students’ skills, pedagogical methodologies to stimulate creativity
2. Multilingual Online course for Students based also on OER about Plagiarism, sanctions, Fair use of Web, Copyrights, critic approach to Webpage, source’s reliability, citing, how to find out a fake, Creative writing, innovation against plagiarism in business.
3. “Battle of Minds” Competition. Students from different countries are split in 2 teams. Each team first draws up 2 documents in English, one original and one fake. Later on each team assesses the rival documents detecting the original and fake one. Judges assess each response and declare the winner.
4“My Myths” Best Practices supports students in evaluating the value of ownership, the hard work beneath the best ideas (i.e. inventors of youtube, facebook, google or famous blogger).
5. “Code to be GENIUS”, based on Researches’ results, is a code of Conduct, reference document to run a fair transnational project and contribute in building fair European Citizens.
6. Reference of OER in the field, reviewed and updated by teachers and students.
Effective start/end date1/10/1130/09/13

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