A construção de "adolescência" no romance juvenil contemporâneo português e alemão

Research output: Types of ThesisDoctoral Thesis


This thesis deals with the study of the construction of “adolescence” in the Portuguese and German contemporary juvenile novel, based on the analysis of representations of adolescence collected in contemporary fiction narratives from the respective literatures/cultures: A Lua de Joana (1994)2, by Maria Teresa Maia Gonzalez, Baunilha e Chocolate (2001), by Ana Meireles, Amor de Miraflores (2004), by João Borges da Cunha, Rafa e as Férias de Verão (2008), by Fátima Pombo, Para Maiores de Dezasseis (2009), by Ana Saldanha, from the Portuguese literature; Crazy (1999), by Benjamin Lebert, die Zeit der schlafenden Hunde (2003), by Mirjam Pressler, Den Himmel zu Füβen (2004), by Sandra Hoffmann, Das unsichtbare Herz (2005), by Friedrich Ani and Seidenhaar (2007), by Aygen-Sibel Çelik, from the German literature. It is, therefore, a reflection essentially based on two broad domains of knowledge – Literary Children and Youth Studies and Adolescence Studies – within which two concepts emerged as nuclear, referring to two recently emerged cultural phenomena: “children and youth literature” (in which the contemporary juvenile novel is inserted) and “adolescence”. This work is, thus, divided in three sections: the first one focused on the “contemporary juvenile novel”, the second one on “adolescence” and the third one on the contrastive analysis of the selected representations of adolescence and the subsequent conclusions. Given the complexity and the scope of the phenomena under study, it was necessary to make use of several other areas of knowledge, of various theoretical and methodological apparatus, under different perspectives. In the sense, this work can be assumed as a project of a transdisciplinary and a transcultural analysis, developed under the field of the Study of Culture.
Original languagePortuguese
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Awarding Institution
  • Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Hanenberg, Peter, Supervisor
Award date5 Jun 2014
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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