A ‘Destruktion’ da ideia de humanismo na encruzilhada do pensamento antigo e cristão segundo Heidegger na ‘Carta sobre o humanismo’

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The objective of this article is to undertake a reading of Heidegger’s Brief über den Humanismus, taking into account the fundamental meaning of what the philosopher proclaims and, by way of comparison with an existentialist perspective , the humanitas of the homo humanus. It is from this concept that we set out towards an understanding of the Heideggerian Humanitas, in the light of the method of phenomenological Destruktion, so as to be able to understand the ekstatic Existenz of the Dasein, which places the “humanitas of mankind in a sufficiently high position”. For its complete realisation, Heidegger likewise seeks, also in the light of Christian thinking, to think of the essence of humanitas, through the ek-sistência ekstática of mankind, inclining towards the truth of Being and of ‘Care’, open to the deitas and to the Transcendent.
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Pages (from-to)363-382
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Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2007

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