A montanha-russa da insuficiência cardíaca: a percepção de dignidade pelas equipes de enfermagem

Translated title of the contribution: "The roller coaster ride of heart failure": nursing staff's perceptions of dignity

Carlos Sampaio*, Isabel Renaud, Paula Ponce Leão

*Corresponding author for this work

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Objective: The main aims of this study are to a) uncover the nursés perceptions of dignity based on their experiences; and b) identify ethical issues experienced by nurses when confronted with individuals with advanced heart failure. Methods: This study has a qualitative design with an inductive approach using focus group (FG) interviews with registered nurses who meet patients with HF and their family caregivers on a daily basis. A total of 18 Portuguese registered nurses, from two hospitals and two primary health care centers, were distributed across 4 FG. Interviews occurred over a period of about 4 months. Data were analyzed using qualitative content analysis; Results: The participants emphasized the importance of dignity as 'being seen as a person' and 'respected for the person one is'. The 'roller coaster ride of heart failure' is like a pilgrimage that serves to maintain the patient's dignity within the strictures of the sick person's role. Addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients promotes their dignity, while neglecting their needs threatens their dignity. Three main themes captured the range of ethical problems when nurses care for people with advanced heart failure: 1) Quality of life versus length of time left; 2) Curative versus palliative interventions; 3) Unpredictable and quick death versus expected and prolonged death. Conclusion: Respecting and protecting dignity is an essential piece of good, ethical, and competent nursing care.

Translated title of the contribution"The roller coaster ride of heart failure": nursing staff's perceptions of dignity
Original languagePortuguese
Article numbereAPE20190165
JournalACTA Paulista de Enfermagem
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • Focus groups
  • Heart failure
  • Nursing care
  • Personal narratives


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