A reconciliação na vida e na prática de Jesus

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We do not know exactly what kinds of ills those that came to Jesus suffered from. They asked to be cured, purged, consoled, exorcised, reconciled and returned to peace. The usual term ‘unclean spirits’ has a broad range of meanings: illnesses, handicaps, woes, all sorts of conditions that nowadays might be labelled in general terms (in some instances) as psychiatric cases. Jesus also found cases of mental illnesses, despair, psychosomatic diseases, which were regarded by many first-century Jews as stemming from “unclean spirits”. Be that as it may (and, in any case, not in any sense denying the absolute singularity of Jesus’ thaumaturgy), Jesus reestablished many people not only with his very particular noteworthy and astonishing gestures. And in the process of exorcism, Jesus restored a person psychologically, thereby reinstating to the citizenship of Israel and to the religious life of its people those who thus far had been cast aside as impure.
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Therapy
  • Reconciliation
  • Psychology
  • Reconstruction
  • Exorcism
  • Healing

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