A restauração do tomismo em Portugal no século XIX: as Instituições Christãs e a Academia de S Tomás de Aquino em Coimbra (1880-1893)

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This article analises the restoration of tomism in Portugal following the initiatives developed in Coimbra by D. Manuel Correia de Bastos Pina. Starting to functioning in 1880, the Academia de S. Tomás de Aquino is the articulation element of the different actions taken. Their main factor of visibility is the Instituições Christãs, periodical started in 1833 and published until 1893 with a remarkable regularity. We intend to demonstrate that the tomism restoration is one of the strategic vectors of Bastos Pina in the diocese government. The horizon is the opposition to the criticism of the catholic religion by the modern sciences and to the place of Church in society. The ralliement is the other structuring element of the strategy projected and applied by Bastos Pina. The Academia and the revue are understood as the main instruments for the recover of tomism. Examining their main stages, we try to explain how the genesis and stabilization of these initiatives contribute to the spread of the doctrine in Coimbra, whereas the action of Tiago Sinibaldi, with other methods, allows the enlargement of the sphere of action.
Original languagePortuguese
JournalLusitania Sacra
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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