Arouca. Memória (“Arouca. Memory”), known also as Vestígios (“Traces”)

Research output: Non-textual formVideo recording


 (09/2013- 11/2014) Producer, Art Director and mentioned on the special thanks of the photographic project Arouca. Memória (“Arouca. Memory”), known also as Vestígios (“Traces”) of Adriana de Melo e Silva, with the project displayed in the Interactive Store of Arouca Turism (20/09/2014). Reference of the project on the news: in the Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Notícias, in the web journal MaisSuperior named as “Um património que precisa de ti” (“A patrimony that needs you”) (29/07/ 2014), in the web journal Alma-Lusa “Campanha de angariação de fundos para projeto audiovisual documental sobre Arouca” (“Campaign of fund raising for the documental audiovisual project about Arouca”) (31/07/2014), in the tv channel Porto Canal (Agência Lusa) “Jovem recolhe donativos para criar arquivo com fotografias de Arouca em risco” (“Young woman are fund raising to create an archive with photography of Arouca in risk”) (5/08/2014), in the newspaper and web journal Público named “Adriana quer salvar as memórias visuais de Arouca” (“Adriana wants to save the visual memories of Arouca”) (17/08/2014) and in the web journal P3 ““O Real Interpretado no Edifício AXA” (“The Real Interpreted in AXA building”) (23/10/ 2014). The project was presented in an interview made by Hélder Reis in the national television RTP1 during the Feira das Colheitas (Fair of the Harvests) in Arouca (27/09/2014). Exhibition of the project in the Axa Building (Edifício Axa) (24/10/2014- 7/11/2014). It was also chosen like one of the nine events that you can’t lose in Porto by WeBook Porto (13/11/2014), Book and DvD of the project exhibit in the Balsemão Viscound’s Palace (20/06/2015) presentation of the project in the XVIII Bienal Internacional de Arte de Cerveira (XVIII International Biennial of Cerveira Art) (18/07/2015- 19/09/2015).
Original languagePortuguese
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2013

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