Cheesemaking apparatus

Francisco Xavier Delgado Domingos Antunes Malcata (Inventor), Patricia João Milheiro Mendes dos Reis (Inventor), Armando Ferreira Madail (Inventor), Ligia Maria Nadais Leite de Pinho (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


This invention refers to a cheesemaking apparatus, particularly designed for dairy manufacturers willing to process small volumes of raw milk. The apparatus is made of stainless steel, allows sequential steps of coagulation, cutting and draining, and comprises mechanical performance with variable speed and reverse direction, via removable blades (1) for stirring milk or cutting curd depending on the rotational direction, a heating/cooling jacket (2) that uses a temperature-controlled fluid/liquid, a curd/whey sequential discharge system (A) into perforated moulds (3), a temperature control device, a whey level and a proximity control device (4), a control panel and an integrated cleaning system. The apparatus further comprises a vat (5), supported by four legs (6), an upper cover (7) with a lid (8) used to add the rennet and/or starter cultures, two side inlets, one for milk (9) and the other for the cleaning solution (10), and, in the bottom end, a whey outlet (4) and a vertical connection with a cylinder with perforated walls (11), which allows pre-moulding of curd via filling the moulds (3), hence avoiding any type of manual handling during the whole cheesemaking process. The said cylinder (11) comprises two horizontal cutting plates (12, 13), which will eventually determine cheese dimensions.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP1982582
Priority date16/04/07
Filing date16/04/08
Publication statusRefused/Withdrawn - 29 Jun 2011


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  • Equipamento para fabrico de queijo

    Malcata, F. X. D. D. A., Reis, P. J. M. M. D., Madail, A. F. & Pinho, L. M. N. L. D., 16 Apr 2007, (Refused/Withdrawn) IPC No. A01J25/00, Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial, Patent No. PT103722, 16 Apr 2007, Priority date 16 Apr 2007, Priority No. PT10372207A

    Research output: Patent

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