Relação conjugal e sexualidade no envelhecimento

Translated title of the contribution: Conjugal relationship and sexuality in ageing

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In Portugal, the average life expectancy is now around 80 years old, transforming the concerns with the end of life into the current concerns with the quality of life. In the individual subjective perception of quality of life, significant personal relationships, in general, and the conjugal relationship, in particular, have a profound impact. From the perspective of the family life cycle, this chapter aims at characterising the couple in the ageing phase, as well as reflecting on the opportunities and challenges experienced relationally in later years. In an emotional transition process in which it is important to accept the inherent changes, maintaining a healthy functioning and self- and couple fulfilment is a necessary challenge in order to proceed with a successful ageing, incorporating the numerous associated losses. Despite the various changes resulting from ageing, sexuality is a natural and present dimension throughout life. Male and female ageing, in particular menopause and andropause, as well as numerous associated diseases, may bring about changes that should be understood and integrated in a broad view of conjugal relationships and sexuality.
Translated title of the contributionConjugal relationship and sexuality in ageing
Original languagePortuguese
Title of host publicationEnvelhecimento
Subtitle of host publicationDimensões e contextos
Place of PublicationLisboa
PublisherUniversidade Católica Editora
Number of pages19
ISBN (Print)9789725407745
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2021


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