Dispositivo para estimulação térmica e tátil

Translated title of the contribution: Device for thermal and tactile stimulation, methods and uses thereof

André Venturoti Perrotta (Inventor), Carla Ferreira da Silva Pais-Vieira (Inventor), Demétrio Ferreira Matos (Inventor), Miguel Santos Pais Vieira (Inventor), Nuno Jorge Carvalho de Sousa (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The present disclosure relates to a device for tactile and thermal stimulation in the field of human-machine interfaces. The device consists of a main block (1) with two functionalities, one for tactile stimulation and another for thermal stimulation, the first one being obtained through the circulation of a fluid via an inlet and an outlet (12) in the main block (1), the fluid circulating through the grooves (9) present inside the main block (1), allowing heat transfer or loss from or to a heat transfer plate (2), and the second being obtained from several vibration motors (6) mounted on a base - screwed to the main block by base screws (4) - consisting of an upper piece (5) and a lower piece (7) housed in damping material (8). A heat transfer plate (2) is fixed to the main block (1) by means of fitting (10), gluing and screws (3).
Translated title of the contributionDevice for thermal and tactile stimulation, methods and uses thereof
Original languagePortuguese
Patent numberPT117120
Priority date16/03/21
Filing date16/03/21
Publication statusSubmitted - 16 Mar 2021


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