Gesture and synthesis

Diogo Tudela, José Alberto Gomes (Curator), João Dias (Curator)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


The discipline of creation or engineering involves a navigation along a fissure.Such a space becomes even more apparent when logical-mathematical structures are instrumentalised in the construction (creation) of artworks. The autonomy and polarity between the disciplinary space that forms signification, and the discipline that signifies form, produces an insoluble phenomenological gap between the vectors that point to a work and the vectors that emerge from it. Gesto e Síntese, which is placed and developed in a hybrid space between performance and installation, music and new media art, is thus a piece that openly works on such a fissure by exploring the tooling of logical-mathematical structures under the guise of materiality and plasticity - which is to say that this piece, like any other, is about what it is.

Creation: Diogo Tudela + Supernova Ensemble |
Performance: João Dias, José Alberto Gomes, Mário Costa e Diogo Tudela |
Sound Design: Daniel Santos |
Artistic Direction: João Dias e José Alberto Gomes |
Co-production: Circular Festival e gnration


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