Infâmia e fama: o mistério dos primeiros retratos judiciários em Portugal1869-1895

Translated title of the contribution: Infamy and Fame: the Mistery of the first Mugshots in Portugal 1869-1895

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This Ph.D. thesis deals with two photo albums of the late 19th century hitherto unknown – designated 'FTM albums' in honor of their collector and owner – which, as the author proves throughout the work, contain the oldest Portuguese judiciary portraits that have survived to this day. With no information regarding their origin whatsoever, the two 'FTM albums' present themselves as a 'crime mystery' whose research is carried out in this thesis in a broad and interdisciplinary perspective of Cultural Studies. The followed methodology involves a ‘visual culture’ empirical and interpretative line, focusing mainly on historical, anthropological, social and political approaches, as well as aesthetics and semiotics.
The structure of the thesis is divided into two parts: the first outlines the international context in which the advent and development of the judiciary portrait in the West take place; departing from that basis, the second is dedicated to the investigation of the Portuguese case of the two 'photo albums FTM', following a more localized and concrete perimeter, allowing a deepening research which we think has achieved to unravel the many unknown aspects of these portraits.
Translated title of the contributionInfamy and Fame: the Mistery of the first Mugshots in Portugal 1869-1895
Original languagePortuguese
Place of PublicationLisboa
PublisherEdições 70
Number of pages283
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • Mugshots, History of Photography, Biopolitics


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