Influence of violence on the mental health of brazilian immigrant women in Portugal

Eliany Nazaré Oliveira, Félix Neto, Gleisson Ferreira Lima, Francisco Rosemiro Guimarães Ximenes Neto, Roberta Magda Martins Moreira, Lycelia da Silva Oliveira, Anny Caroline dos Santos Olímpio, João Breno Cavalcante Costa, Isabelle Frota Ribeiro Queiroz, Altenório Lopes de Sousa Filho, Paulo Jorge de Almeida Pereira

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This study aimed to analyze the prevalence of violence against Brazilian immigrant women in Portugal since their arrival, and the consequences of this in their experience, specifically in health, perception of discrimination and loneliness. The sample comprised 682 Brazilian women, migrants, over 18 years old, living in Portugal for more than three months. Data collection was carried out online, through the Limasurvey Platform, and in person at the Brazilian General Consulate in Porto and Lisbon, at More Association (Associação Mais), in which the Discrimination Perceptions, Loneliness (ULS-6) and Mental Health Problems Scales were applied. The results suggest that Brazilian women who have been subjected to violence in Portugal have a worse perception of their health, a greater perception of discrimination, a higher level of loneliness and more mental problems. The study also shows that: the length of stay in Portugal is significantly associated with having been subjected to violence; there is a greater proportion of single women (31.5%) who have been subjected to violence; there is a marginally significant association with whom the immigrants live [χ2 (1, 671) = 2.86, p = 0.09]. Immigrants have some vulnerabilities in the host country, since violence has an adverse effect on their physical and mental health. It is believed to be crucial to create a policy of strengthening the citizen and collective conscience of these immigrant women.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)21129-21132
Number of pages4
JournalInternational Journal of Development Research
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2018


  • Violence against women
  • Immigrants
  • Migration
  • Mental health


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