Mito do eterno retorno ou eterno retorno do mito?

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One of the difficulties in discovering the presence of origin myths and their spirituality in the Biblical narratives of Gn 1-11 may be connected with the question as to whether these narratives might be nothing but an imagined story. In reality, the myth, while not a story that actually happened, has all the grandeur of a true story, because its world is the true world of the ultimate sense of the realities of life. Making them go back to the act of divine creation and to the absolute Being, bestows transcendent meaning upon them, making them more real. The primordial ‘time’, absolute and sacred, of the ‘beginning’ comes to renew historical time and to give strength to its acts. Hence, our culture has constant, salutary recourse to the myth, as a ‘symbolic reservoir’, to fuse the conceptual explanation of things with the profound comprehension of its higher sense.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2012


  • Myth
  • Creation
  • Contemplation
  • Ultimate sense
  • Transcendence

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