O sofrimento de Job na perspectiva de uma sabedoria da criação: as tentativas da exegese recente

Translated title of the contribution: Job in the perspective of a wisdom of creation. A specific contribution of the literary evidence

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My presentation dares to establish a dialogue with some contributions of current exegesis, in which the traditional themes as the one of justice and suffering give up their centrality and are repositioned on a new horizon. The literary omnipresence of creation (heaven and earth; human beings and divine beings; animals and the cosmos...), dominates in an imperceptible visibility, the unfolding of the drama and it is in a pressing connection with it that what current exegesis calls Job's "eco-conversion" takes place. The cadenced rhythms of harmony and chaos, the consequent convulsion and appeal flow into a God who redirects a Job, entirely focused on a debate about divine justice and his suffering, towards the horizon of creation. Job is challenged to explore the innate wisdom in the realms of the universe and to take a journey through the cosmos. Where Job's friends repeatedly seek to confirm their preconceived beliefs about God's system of retributive justice, Job is driven to develop a 'cosmic awareness' of the vast and mysterious nature of creation of which he is an integral part. And it is in a unique way, in this context of cosmic design, that Job has the possibility to resize a retributive worldview and his anthropocentric search for justice. In this literary omnipresence of creation that runs through the book, the reading appeals to the representations of the created world and emphasizes God as creator and human beings as recipients of all that the created world offers, allowing them to understand and interact with the complex world around them and to find a voice of the earth and its creatures that might be lost in other readings.
Translated title of the contributionJob in the perspective of a wisdom of creation. A specific contribution of the literary evidence
Original languagePortuguese
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2023
EventCongresso Internacional - Job: justiça e sofrimento - Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
Duration: 10 May 202311 May 2023


ConferenceCongresso Internacional - Job: justiça e sofrimento
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