O trabalho de projeto no âmbito da prova de aptidão profissional no ensino profissional de música: o caso da Esproarte

Translated title of the contribution: The project work within the professional aptitude test in vocational education: the case of Esproarte

Catarina Nunes Cunha, Luísa Orvalho

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The present study is part of the problematic of the development of competences, attitudes and values of the profile of students at the end of schooling pedagogical practices of the teachers of the specialized artistic teaching of music. The purpose of this research is to analyze and reflect on the possibility of materializing one of the components of the Professional Aptitude Test (Prova de Aptidão Profissional/PAP) of ESPROARTE (Professional School of Art of Mirandela) in Project Works (Trabalhos de Projeto/TP), starting from the interests and motivation of the students, and evaluate the impacts translated into school results and the development of fundamental skills capable of empowering young people to play a more active and participative role in today's society, as well as for their insertion in active life and in the real context of work. This investigation, essentially qualitative, followed a methodological approach of study of the case and had as its participants the 27 students of the third grade, level 4 of professional qualification which, during the scholar year 2016/2017, attended these professional courses: Strings and Keyboards Professional Course for Performance (CICT) and the Winds and Percussion Professional Course for Performance (CISP) at ESPROARTE, Mirandela. The techniques which were applied to the collection and production of data were: the direct and participant observation of the researcher as guiding teacher of the EP, surveys and the evidence from the EP developed by students within the PAT. The techniques of the analysis, processing and interpretation of the data considered for this investigation were: statistical analysis and content of closed and open responses to the survey and the analysis of content of the final reflections produced by the students and in the written reports of the EP. The results obtained allowed to conclude that the EP contributed directly to the development of fundamental skills for professional and social insertion of students as musicians, as well as for their lifelong learning.
Translated title of the contribution The project work within the professional aptitude test in vocational education: the case of Esproarte
Original languagePortuguese
Pages (from-to)134-164
Number of pages31
JournalRevista Portuguesa de Investigação Educacional
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2018


  • Project work
  • Professional aptitude test
  • Vocational music education
  • Key competences for 21st century


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