OC22 – Light House Project

Gonçalo Pereira, Ana Baridó

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In the context of primary health care internship of a master’s degree in paediatric nursing ministered by ‘Universidade Católica Portuguesa’ in Lisbon, and after diagnosing a community issue, was proposed the creation of an adolescents nursing consultation. This idea gave birth to the ‘Light House Project’. Four areas of focus were explored and objectives outlined. The general objective was to promote the community adolescent’s health in matters of mental health, sexuality, interpersonal relationships and healthy lifestyle, with each of the areas having its own objectives. The purpose was being able to demonstrate, quantify and evaluate the fulfilment of the objectives. Instruments or indicators of structure, process and result were created. Those instruments were built according to instructions made available by the ‘Ordem dos Enfermeiros’ in Nursing Care Continuous Quality Improvement Project Organization Script and also according to International Classification for Nursing Practice. As result of this work, and during the first half of 2016, a new service was to be opened specifically for adolescents, comprising a multidisciplinary team, with a nursing consultation and dedicated instruments that will allow the continuous improvement of the nursing care provided by this service.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)26-27
Number of pages2
JournalNursing children and young people
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 9 May 2016


  • Adolescents
  • Indicators
  • Nursing care
  • Nursing consultation
  • Quality improvement


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