On building bridges between academia and society: challenges and opportunities in the dissemination of knowledge in literary and culture studies

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This poster contributes to the reflection on the challenges and opportunities of the dissemination of scientific knowledge, particularly in the areas of Literary and Culture Studies. To do so, we use the metaphor of building bridges, here taken both as a concept and a practical tool. Since its relational nature necessarily implies a transdisciplinary and interdependent perspective and approach, the metaphor allows us to critically reflect on our ability to establish and maintain connections with others and the world. How does bridge-building help us to connect academia and society, as well as the different actors that combine these sectors? How can we, as researchers, move our knowledge beyond academia? What are some of the specific tools that facilitate access to this knowledge? This poster is a kind of “self-reflexive portfolio in progress”, which is divided into three parts. The first briefly introduces the challenges, obstacles, and specific questions related to the fields of Literary and Culture Studies. The second advances the meaning of the notion of building bridges and its relevance for the dissemination of knowledge within the referenced disciplines. Finally, the third features some opportunities and solutions that are already in place in dialogue with our own contribution: the fostering of dialogic research and teaching practices that help building bridges beyond Academia. This part offers some suggestions for the researcher's practice and inter-relational approach, as well as alternative forms of dissemination. By making knowledge dissemination more accessible and participatory, it may become a tool for bridging scientific production beyond the academic community, thus contributing to the visibility and relevance of knowledge created in the Humanities for contemporary societies.
Translated title of the contributionSobre a criação de pontes entre a academia e a sociedade: oportunidades e obstáculos na disseminação de saberes em estudos literários e estudos de cultura
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2022
EventMyResearch 2022: Disseminating Knowledge in the Global Present - Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisboa, Portugal
Duration: 1 Jun 20221 Jun 2022


SeminarMyResearch 2022


  • Dissemination and accessibility of knowledge in literary and culture studies
  • Visibility and social impact of the humanities
  • Building bridges
  • Knowledge transfer


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