Proteção da criança em risco e/ou em perigo

Research output: Types of ThesisMaster's Thesis


This report comes from the testimony of the trainee in the process of transition from a general to a specialized care for children. This process occurred not only due to the experiences offered by her career as a nurse, but also from learning acquired in the course of the Internship Master's degree in Nursing Nature Professional Specialisation in Child Health Nursing and Pediatrics, sponsored by the Institute of Health Sciences Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon. The report presents not only theoretical and conceptual foundations, but also a report concerning the way the trainee assumed the central problematic of child maltreatment in different contexts of action, displayed in three modules. Thus, were developed by the intervener, actions with the assumed main goal: "Developing skills in specialist nursing care for children at risk and / or danger" The first module, took place at Casa da Encosta in Cascais and at a Community Care Unit in Damaia, and stood the preparation of the "Script Supervisor of Domiciliary Visit" and planning the pioneer project "Adolescent Mothers" as interventions at the primary and secondary level in child maltreatment prevention. In Pediatric Service of Hospital Professor Doutor Fernando Fonseca E.P.E., second module, was structured a “Risk Sheet ", as a contribution to secondary and tertiary level prevention, in situations of admitted minors at risk or danger of abuse. And in the Intensive and Special Care Neonatal Unit of the same hospital, third module, was conducted a secondary prevention level through the dissemination and public awareness of the International Day of Prematurity and elaboration of the "Manual of Support and Community Resources". Therefore, the author tried to contribute to early intervention in family by promoting protective factors for a healthy child development, through risk and child vulnerability limitation of violence. The reader may follow the route of the trainee in search of the quality in caring for the child and family in contexts of risk and/or danger. You can also discover the reality of activities planned, developed and implemented during the process of specialization.
Original languagePortuguese
  • Lourenço, Margarida, Supervisor
Publication statusPublished - 29 May 2014

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