The End & Destination Eyeth – Questioning Methodology

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Abstract There is a close relation between Sign Language People’s with Silent film. There was a period, before the introduction of talkies, when both hearing and deaf looked at the screen and received the same information. This time is perceived as the Golden Age for the Deaf and the movies. In the research of Deaftopia: Utopian Representations and Community Dreams by the Deaf (forthcoming), two movies will be analyzed. The End and Destination Eyeth. The End is a docufiction directed by Ted Evans (2011) that takes the viewer to visit five time periods (1987, 1995, 2008, 2031 and 2046). Through the narrative we follow the lives of four individuals. The argument focuses specifically on Arron’s life – the main protagonist. The antagonists are the medical, governmental and corporative institutions whose agenda consists in the cure for deafness. In the story, the cure poses a very real threat to eradicate Deaf individuals. This is a dystopian fiction on the threats to extinguish Deaf Culture and Sign Language. The film is not only relevant by itself, but also as a product of a Deaf cast, Deaf director and Deaf-led project. Destination Eyeth is a reenactment, a revival of the Silent Film atmosphere, which is fully accessible to Deaf audiences, as well as it displays typical Deaf humor features such as physical comedy. As a Deaf Cultural product, Destination Eyeth introduces a topic that is common in Deaf literature and Visuature – a quest to reach the visual planet where everyone speaks sign language called Eyeth.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 21 Feb 2020


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