Tradução, entre Propaganda e Diplomacia: a História da Edição Alemã dos Discursos de Salazar

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The article firstly shows how the subject changes directionality in Translation Studies in Portugal, as it deals with official translation into foreign languages. Secondly, it outlines concepts deemed appropriate to address the politics of translation within the National Propaganda Secretariat, such as soft power and propaganda, and their interconnections with information and diplomacy. References are then made to studies on the special relationship between the Portuguese Estado Novo and the Nazi-Regime. The main focus of the article is the reconstruction of the entangled process leading to the German edition of Salazar’s speeches. Two groups of translators were doing the same job at the same time, but one of them had to abandon its translation following a clear interference of the German Embassy in Lisbon.
Original languagePortuguese
JournalSanta Barbara Portuguese Studies
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Propaganda
  • Diplomacy
  • Eatado Novo
  • Politics of Translation
  • Salazar
  • Portugal

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