Trafik sikişikliği ücretlendirilmesi sistemi istanbul trafiğine çözüm getirir mi?

Translated title of the contribution: Would Congestion charge scheme be effective in reducing Istanbul's traffic?

Ayse Uyduranoglu, Zahide Eylem Gevrek

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter



Traffic congestion is one of the severe problems facing large cities. Congestion leads to not only time loss but also air pollution, which is known to contribute significantly to climate change. Congestion charge has been strongly advocated by economists as an efficient means to reduce traffic congestion because it can change the travel behaviour of individuals through internalising the external cost of transport. In recent years, congestion charge has attracted a great deal of attention from policymakers due to growing problems with traffic congestion and urban air quality in many cities. The cities that succesfully implemented congestion charge have achieved substantial congestion reductions and improved air quality. This study investigates the determinants of the perceived effectiveness of congestion charge scheme in Istanbul. The results obtained from probit model indicate that age, gender and household income do not have a statistically significant effect on the perceived effectiveness of the scheme. Individuals without a car in their household are more likely to perceive congestion charge as more effective at reducing Istanbul’s traffic than those with a car in their household. Congestion charge scheme is perceived to be more effective to individuals who are satisfied with the public transport system and those who believe that efficient public transport helps reduce the traffic congestion problem in Istanbul. Moreover, we provide evidence that the perceived effectiveness of the scheme is lower for individuals who think that either government or municipalities play the most important role in addressing the congestion problem than for those who think that the most important role is played by individuals.
Translated title of the contributionWould Congestion charge scheme be effective in reducing Istanbul's traffic?
Original languageTurkish
Title of host publicationİklim Değişikliği ve Kentler
Subtitle of host publicationYapısal Çevre ve Yeşil Alanlar
EditorsYildiz Aksoy
PublisherDakam Publishing
Number of pages17
ISBN (Print)9786058101944
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • Congestion charging
  • Climate change
  • Public transportation
  • External cost and Istanbul


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