A comunicação como estratégia promotora de conforto

  • Ana Patrícia Canas Marques (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


There is a need to develop and know how to mobilize skills, to improve ourselvesprofessionally, through continuous training, always preferring the knowledge generatedby nursing research and theory. This is the main reason I chose the specialization inMedical-Surgical Nursing, in order to fulfill the duty of professional improvement.This specialization has its primary objective to develop technical, scientific, ethical andrelational skills in the provision of specialized nursing care to the person in críticalsituation and his / her family as well as to the person in chronic and palliative situation.In addition, having a cross-cutting theme "Communication as a strategy promotingcomfort", it also aims to synthesize the integrative literature review and analyze thenurse’s perceptions about the theme.This report aims at describing, reflecting and analyzing how these competences wereacquired and developed, using a descriptive and analytical methodology, which willserve as a mirror of my training course in the three Internship locations, with the mainpurposes: Identify the activities / strategies to achieve the defined objectives; Recognizethe skills developed as a nurse in the area of specialization in Medical-Surgical Nursingin the provision of health care to the person and their family of medium and high risk,as well as in the provision to the person in chronic and palliative situation; To makeknown the crítical-reflexive analysis made on the interventions developed in theInternships.In the context of the Day Hospital of Chemotherapy, I developed communication andrelational skills with the person in chronic situation and his family, promoting nurseperson-family interaction, establishing attitudes of sensitivity and empathy, cooperatingfor a humanized care. At the Medical Emergency Unit, I maintained my way of actingand the awareness of nurses about the importance of communication, especially with theperson with "communication barriers", as well as with family members. In theEmergency Department, I developed competencies in the management of priorities forthe hemodynamic stability of the person in crítical situation. I discussed and analyzedsituations about the practice of nurses who lacked the use of specialized skills, based on a conscious and responsible professional action.It was considered pertinent to perform individualized work on the themes"Communication as a strategy promoting comfort in the person undergoing chemotherapy", "Communication as a strategy promoting comfort in the person undergoing chemotherapy: perception of nurses", Nursing care of the person With Acute Respiratory Difficulty Syndrome in ventral decubitus. A specialized practice is evidenced through constant learning, critical thinking,reflective thinking and scientific evidence-based decision making. I consider, therefore,that the articulation of these premises was fundamental for the construction of a new professional identity: a Specialist Nurse in Medical-Surgical Nursing.
Date of Award4 Apr 2018
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorSérgio Deodato (Supervisor)


  • Nursing
  • Nurse specialist
  • Skills
  • Comfort
  • Communication


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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