A geração Z e a promoção da paz como objeto pedagógico
: contributo da disciplina de Educação Moral e Religiosa Católica

  • Jaquelina Ivone Borges Varela (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This paper discusses generation Z and their relationship to the promotion of peace as a pedagogical object. This theme choice is related to my teaching practice with Catholic Moral and Religious Education (EMRC). During the teaching experience referenced in this thesis, unit (UL4), I came across a problem that led me to question how to present the theme of peace to students and to research methodologies that could help me awaken in these students the recognition of the urgency for peace as well as their responsibility in the construction of peace. In addition, I struggled to find a way to teach students how to recognize fundamental solutions to situations of conflict of values based on the fundamental recognition of a person’s dignity. This work is divided into three chapters. In the first chapter, I reflect on the school's educational project and briefly contextualize the class I taught. I ponder my experience with
the Supervised Teaching Practice (PES) in the internship nucleus at the Pedro D'Orey da Cunha School, as well as the specific contribution of the EMRC discipline to the Damaia School Group, mainly in the training of students, with the aim of achieving education for peace. In the second chapter, I briefly characterize Generation Z. After reflecting on what Generation Z is, I explain how to present peace to this generation and shed light on why this topic is so pertinent and worthy of attention by institutions such as family schools and
churches. Subsequently, I propose a serious reflection on the promotion of peace, taking into account the varied experiences that students bring to the classroom, drawing mainly from their environments. In the third chapter, I offer a pedagogical proposal within the scope of the EMRC, in order to show that it is indeed possible to practice education for peace by integrating a set of curriculum contents into our daily pedagogical practic.
Date of Award29 Oct 2021
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorAlfredo Teixeira (Supervisor) & Cristina Sá Carvalho (Co-Supervisor)


  • Supervised teaching practice
  • Catholic Moral and Religious Education
  • Generation Z
  • Peace advocacy


  • Mestrado em Ciências Religiosas

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