A perceção de liderança do Papa Francisco através da encíclica Fratelli Tutti

  • Mariana dos Santos Craveiro (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Over time, man felt the need to justify his existence based on the most different beliefs. The way he organizes his values and lives in society has been shaped according to what the human being believes in, and religiosity can be divided into different religious confessions.For some men and women, the awakening of their consciences requires the need for a God.For those who believe in God and in Christ, sharing the message of the Catholic Church, the figure of the Pope does not go unnoticed as the supreme leader of this religion. However,this leadership is not only perceived from Catholics, but from all people in the world, even outside the religion boundaries. Thus, this study aims to see what people's perception of Pope Francis' leadership is, so the objective is to understand how his message and communication it self make him a leader. Another objective is also to try to understand if his leadership fits in the transformational leadership category. For this study, an analysis is made based on its most recent Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti, released in 2020, November. The methodology used in this investigation consisted of the application of qualitative methods. In an exploratory phase, a literature review was carried out to survey the topic, followed by a documentary analysis of the Encyclical Letter, which was also supported through webinars. In a second phase, for the collection of primary data, fourteen interviews were conducted with various members of civil society, with the purpose of assessing the perception of the interviewees regarding the leadership traits present in Pope Francis. By analysing the interviews, it is possible to see that the current Pope of the Catholic Church has identifying traits of transformational leadership, which is seen from Fratelli Tutti – as a“summary document” of the current Papacy, an encyclical that brings together the main ideas and values of the magisterium of Pope Francis.
Date of Award1 Feb 2022
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorNuno Goulart Brandão (Supervisor)


  • Fratelli Tutti
  • Transformational leadership
  • Pope Francis
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Religious communication
  • Holy Father


  • Mestrado em Ciências da Comunicação

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