A pessoa portadora de ostomia
: uma perspetiva sobre a qualidade de vida

  • Palmira Moreira Barbosa Peixoto (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The knowledge of the perception of person with an ostomy elimination on its quality of life constitutes the central objective of this research. How to define specific aims: to identify the sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of people with ostomy elimination; describe the metrics qualities Estoma QdV and to identify the level attributed by people living with ostomy elimination, their quality of life according to the Estoma QdV. In methodological terms, we developed an exploratory and descriptive study of an horizontal character and quantitative approach with a sample of 51 subjects with an ostomy elimination to frequent the consultation Stomatherapy of an Hospital of Central North Area, selected in a manner not probabilistic convenience, to whom it was applied scale Estoma QdV. The majority of individuals is male (66.7%) with a mean age of 64.8 years and a standard deviation of 9.7 years, married (76.5%), pensioners (66.7% ) and holders of primary school (56.9%). From among the obtained results show: - Most of the sample (94.1%) refers to the oncologic illness as a cause of surgery; They present colostomy (68.6%) with definitive stoma (78.4%), 70.6% of whom use a system of two parts; - The whole sample has not had contact with any association of ostomy patients. 68.6% of subjects had their first contact with her stomal therapy nurse before surgery; - The Estoma QdV presents an Cronback alpha of 0.89 and 20 items organized into four factors that explain 60.5% of total variance; - In Factor I, associated with relationships with family and closest friends, most of the sample shows disagreement with the corresponding items; - In Factor II, and emotional changes related to sleep, the majority of individuals shows concordance on the items related to emotional alterations and disagreement with sleep alterations; - In Factor III, related to self-esteem and self-imagethe respondents demonstrate disagreement with the corresponding items; - In Factor IV, associated with aspects of insecurity with the ostomy device. A majority of subjects correlation with refers to most of the questions; - The majority of the study sample (64.7%) considers its quality of life as good, before the appearance of her illness. Fact which is confirmed by the average score (58) on the scale of Estoma QdV related to post-onset. The results highlight the importance of the intervention of stomal therapy nurses, next to the person with an ostomy and family, since the clinical decision of necessity of the construction of an ostomy until nursing visits for follow-up after hospital discharge.
Date of Award11 Feb 2014
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorBeatriz Araújo (Supervisor) & Paulo Alves (Co-Supervisor)


  • Ostomy
  • Quality of life
  • Person with an ostomy
  • Nursing


  • Mestrado em Feridas e Viabilidade Tecidular

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