A promoção do conforto em enfermagem de saúde infantil e pediátrica

Translated title of the thesis: The promoting of comfort in child and pediatric health nursing
  • Ana Sofia Lourenço Ferreira (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This internship report intends to demonstrate the path taken through all the different placements, as well as the knowledge acquired, and the development of skills regarding a master’s degree, either for a specialized registered nurse or a pediatrics specialized registered nurse. It intends to describe, analyze, and reflect on the path taken, showing the outlined goals and the activities developed to acquire a specialized care practice. The transversal topic that holds on the different placements is the concept of comfort. It represents an essential care in nursing, which translates in a holistic and complex state that outshines the absence of pain or another physical discomfort. This multidimensionality in caring is particularly relevant in the context of assisting the child/adolescent due to the potential trauma effect that stress situations in a health context can cause to their development. The registered nurse in partnership with the traditional help support for the child/adolescent must intervene on trying to fill in the identified care needs, as well as to foment a more efficient adaptation, recovery, and rehabilitation, or to secure a peaceful death. So, the theorical support in which all the internship was based on was the contribution from the Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory (2003), Partnership in Care and Family-Centred Care as it allows an adequate identification of the healthcare needs as well as a proper implementation of nursing interventions and an effective evaluation of the results. The main goal set is the development of the specific specialized registered nurse competences in looking after the child/adolescent, healthy or sick, as well as caring for their family/next of kin, always emphasizing the promotion of comfort within. The internships occured during 15 weeks and were spent 5 weeks in each of the following placements: pediatric ward, primary health care and pediatric intensive care unit. Of the many activities performed at the pediatric ward placement, can be highlighted the implementation of a short form of the Neonatal Intensive Care Units Family Needs Inventory, the development of a document that helps with the procedure of applying the ‘kangaroo care” and the writing of a document that supports the referral to the National System for Early Childhood Intervention. At the primary health care, can be emphasize the 10 writing of two different informative leaflets for adolescents, one regarding the promotion of physical activity and the other promoting a healthy diet. For last, at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit there was a meeting with the nursing team about the importance of promoting sleep in children/adolescent as to it will result in more comfort to them while hospitalization; many posts were left to bring more attention to this topic. At all the placements care was given to the child/adolescent and their family based on a holistic comfort, which allowed a better awareness of the presented topic of comfort. A critical reflection about the practice during the internships, the sharing of experiences and knowledge with all the stakeholders as well good research of scientific evidence allowed this difficult task to become a very deeply grateful and challenging journey.
Date of Award23 Mar 2023
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorZaida Charepe (Supervisor)


  • Comfort care
  • Nursing care
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Family


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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