Avaliação de um programa de formação-ação numa organização da economia social
: desafios da contextualização da formação nas práticas profissionais

  • Ana Margarida Castro Pinheiro (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The objective of this study is to analyze the design, implementation and evaluation of training and consultancy program, developed by the Projecto Q3 in a social economy organization, in order to identify the theoretical conceptions that influence training practices. We employ this case study to reflect on how the training has an impact on work processes of the organization that participates in it. We begin by identifying the contributions of the scientific literature on programs evaluation and on training and work relationship, that help us to identify and discuss the assumptions underpinning the intention of improving the people's and organization's skills. Based on a qualitative approach, the case was studied through participant observation in the field, through document and interviews analysis, this ones conducted with stakeholders involved in the program. We wanted to bring into dialogue explicit theories and implicit assumptions exhaled in the discourses and practices witnessed. The results from the confluence of empirical data and theoretical framework allow the reconstitution of the program theory by identifying how training in general and in the context of Q3 are thought, how the organizational context and the problems of the institution are incorporated as an input and how the implementation of the program and its evaluation are considered. In our conclusions the central aspects of program's theory, extracted from the results, are, are then circumscribed, recast and critically appreciated. Our understanding of the case indicates the operationalization of training contextualization, of the learners' participation and training evaluation as the main ground forces of this program; they are part of an equation that emphasizes the articulations between training and work processes.
Date of Award2012
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorCamilo Valverde (Supervisor)


  • Training program evaluation
  • Participation
  • Training and work articulations


  • Mestrado em Economia Social

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