Brincadeira terapêutica na adaptação da criança/jovem à hospitalização

Translated title of the thesis: Therapeutic play in the adaptation of children/young
  • Nádia Patrícia Marques Guerra (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The act of playing is transversal to the life of the human being, playing a fundamental role through the life cycle, but particularly crucial in the lives of children. Play is considered a very satisfactory activity for the child, being directly related to their development. In turn, the child’s hospitalization is considered to be a crisis situation in his life, as well as that of his family. Thus, associated with their own disease situation, the child’s hospitalization is a stressor for themselves and their family, in view of the change in their health status and routines. It is up to the nurse specalist in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing to intervene, promoting the well-being of the newborn, infant, child and their family in a hospital context, enhancing their improvement and the constinuous healthy development, aimingat a positive and effective adaptation to hospitalization. Thus, the theme of the project developed was therapeutic play in adaptation of children/young people to hospitalization. This was developed based on the design methodology, using a well-founded practice and based on Roy’s Adaptation Model and scientific evidence available. During its course, I higlight as main activities developed; the application of a questionnaire on the subject aimed at nursing teams, in order to carry out a survey of the specific needs of each context; the elaboration of norms for nursing procedures that promote therapeutic play in pediatric emergency care and hospitalization; the session about therapeutic play to the nurse team of a pediatric servisse; the health education session held in neonatology, aimed at parents about promoting the healthy developmentof the newborn during hospitalization; the leaflet on the promotion of healthy development in the newborn at home. I highlight the realization of a scientific poster presented at the 3rd International Seminar of the Master in Nursing entitled “Therapeuticplay as a nursing intervention in a pediatric emergency”. The purpose of this report is to critically and reflexively analyze my training path during the internships carried out, namely regarding the common skills of the specialist nurse, as well as the specific skills of the specialist nurse in Child and Pediatric Healthand master’s in nursing acquired and developed in the contexts. It was found that therapeutic play has a wide range of purpose, modes and momentsof application, thus constituting a health gain in improving the quality of nursing careprovided to newborns, infants and children in the hospital context. It is essentialy a nursing intervention, encompassing a therapeutic intention, namely the reduction of the negative impact associated with hospitalization and the constinuous promotion of healthychild development. Applying Roy’s Adaptation Model to this theme, we can see that thenurse specialist in Child Health Nursing is an agent that promotes well-being, and as such,essential to contribue actively and positively as a contextual stimulus, which will promotean effective adaptation of the child to the context of hospitalization.
Date of Award31 Jan 2022
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorZaida Charepe (Supervisor)


  • Therapeutic play
  • Adaptation
  • Child hospitazation
  • Child and pediatric health nursing


  • Mestrado em Enfermagem

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