Celebrity endorsers
: what can´t be predicted : examining the impact of celebrity endorser news and the moderating role of event type on brand valuations and consumer’s purchase intentions

  • Susana Wang Liu (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


As brands convert celebrity endorsements in common practice to capture consumer’s attentionsand distinguish themselves amidst the advertising noise, it consequently results in these idolizedindividuals to yield immense power.However, in this information and media era, consumers can voice their opinions and share it ina mass scale with many others. Any news regarding celebrities are easily identified and can bewidespread. So, what happens to the endorsed brand when consumers encounter positive andnegative celebrity endorser news? Are endorsed brands impacted by celebrity’s news even ifthey are not involved in it? Furthermore, as consumers increasingly demand brands to go past profit-seeing and take a stand on sensitive topics, this study analyzes if the deeds and actions of celebrity endorsers can be transferred to the endorsed brands and if there is an event type more prone to be sensitive on consumers.Through the conduction of descriptive, exploratory and causal research, the hypotheses were raised and tested to uncover the answers raised previously. Findings negated the expectedoutcomes derived from positive news while identifying significant effects of celebritytransgressions in brand trust. The insights reflected a decreasing effectiveness of advertisements containing celebrity endorsers and further stated that although important, purpose and causes defended by celebrity endorsers are not equally reflected in the case of the endorsed brand.
Date of Award28 Jan 2022
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorMaria Estarreja (Supervisor)


  • Celebrity endorser news
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Event type
  • Brand trust
  • Brand image
  • Purchase intentions
  • Positive news
  • Negative news
  • Social news
  • Environmental news
  • Purpose brands


  • Mestrado em Gestão e Administração de Empresas

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