Consumo de álcool e atitudes sobre a gravidez e a maternidade num grupo de grávidas utentes da unidade de saúde de Matosinhos

  • Rui Miguel Gaspar da Hora e Silva (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The research conducted in this area has focused primarily at the level of consumption patterns of alcohol and illicit substances (e.g. Ebrahim, S. H., Luman, E. T., Floyd R. L., Murphy, C., Bennett, E. M., Boyle, C. A., 1998), and its consequences. The current study has the purpose to develop more knowledge about alcohol IIconsumption by pregnant women, as well as the psychological experience and their attitude towards pregnancy and motherhood. This topic is a worldwild, IIonsumpt and national concern. The effect of alcohol abuse during pregnancy is well documented, but the occacional or moderate IIonsumption is usually IIonsumpti by the researchers. In order to prevent the alcohol use by pregnant women more information is necessary. We used quantitative instruments of psychological evaluation – AUDIT and EAGM. The sample was of 83 participants, with ages from 19 to 43 years old, going to prenatal group sessions of preparation to moderhood distributed by 4 local health centres from Matosinhos. From this sample, it was assembled a second one of 30 participants with alcohol IIonsumption reported (Aca). The data were treated using non parametric tests, Qui-Square and Spearman Correlation Coeficient. This study allowed us to find that 36,2% of the inquired women do have alcohol IIonsumption during pregnancy. It was also found significant IIonsumption IIonsumption on several EAGM subsacles. We also reached the conclusion that there is a significative relation between present alcohol IIonsumption and the existence of previous children. For further investigations it would useful to IIonsump a larger sample of pregnant women, as well as use qualitative methodology, in order to understand this IIonsumption among the subscales of EAGM. Also the qualitative IIonsumption would be useful to better understand the reasons behind the IIonsumptio alcohol IIonsumption during pregnancy
Date of Award2013
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorMaria Raul Xavier (Supervisor)


  • Alcohol
  • Consumption
  • Pregnancy
  • Maternity
  • Psychological experience
  • Self-report


  • Mestrado em Psicologia

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