Contributo para o estudo de adaptação e validação do instrumento
: dectección de malester emocional para a população portuguesa : avaliação de mal estar emocional-AME

  • Fernanda Cristina Vieira Costa Pinto (Student)

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The present study, entitled «Contribution to the study of Adaptation and Validation of The Instrument “Detección de Malestar Emocional” for the Portuguese population (Assessment of Distress-AME)» aims to contribute to the adaptation of the “Assessment of Distress” for the Portuguese population overlooking its validation in further studies. The original instrument, named “Detección de Malestar Emocional” (DME), was developed by Limonero and colleagues (2012) in order to assess and reduce the distress in cancer patients in the context of palliative care. The original Spanish version was translated into Portuguese language. We performed the translation and retroversion of the original instrument, discussion and analysis of conceptual, cultural and linguistic. AME instrument consists in four items such as DME instrument. Through the method of thinking aloud with a health professional (nurse) and two outpatient followed in the context of palliative care, we proceeded to replace the first item the words “mood state” by “mood” and “regular” by “normal”, in order to provide a better understanding for future beneficiaries, i.e., health care professionals and patients. The AME kept the four items of the original version
Date of Award8 Jul 2013
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorElisa Veiga (Supervisor)


  • Distress
  • Palliative care


  • Mestrado em Psicologia

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